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The Best Survey Software

In your quest for the best survey software, there are several steps you can take to aid you in finding the best product.

Get the info

Compile a list of your options. Talk to colleagues and friends and explore various search engines to create a comprehensive list. Check out reviews by people who have used various survey software. Online directories also list providers for feedback software. As in any sort of brainstorming, you should include every option, regardless of how inappropriate it might seem at first for your particular organization or project.

Start to compare

Compare the basic attributes of the software on your list. Create a spreadsheet as a ratings guide for side-by-side comparisons of survey software characteristics. Look for the characteristics of security, price, number of users, integration options, question types and support options. Highlight the attributes that are most crucial for your needs.

Make the cut

Narrow down your options and analyze the top candidates in greater detail. Once you have tested demo software, spoken with company representatives and looked at available resources, you should have a much clearer idea of what your top candidates are. Again, compare companies by looking at the attributes most critical for your needs. Since cost is nearly always an important factor, determine the costs you will incur in using each of the programs.

The winning candidate should have all or most of the most positive features on your list. Online surveys are a great tool for building employee satisfaction and customer retention, and the right choice gives you significant value for your investment.