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Feedback Form Templates

Feedback form templates offer businesses a method of receiving effective feedback from customers - an element crucial to increasing sales. The key to using feedback forms is having a well-designed tool that people want to fill out. The deciding element as to whether people fill out the form or not relates to the working relationship the parties have, the questions you ask, when you ask them and how well you've designed the form itself. It is essential to create a form that is easy to use as well as substantial and well made.


Selecting the proper layout and system of delivery for your feedback form can have a significant impact on how frequently a completed form is returned to you. You may prefer to use a simple Adobe PDF form; this type of form is easy, transportable, compatible with different platforms and can be distributed online or offline. If you don't have a copy of Acrobat, OpenOffice Writer is an alternative to make attractive PDF forms. HTML forms are handy for websites, but producing them may be a challenge if you lack experience writing code.


Figure out the number of questions you want to ask on your form. To make it easy, start by using ten to twenty questions, according to the length and kind of situation. You don't want to ask a great deal of questions, but too few questions do not lead to helpful results. Separating your questions into groups and including subcategories is a smart choice, as this can keep your customer focused and ensure that their responses are helpful. You may wish to use an overall measure of approval in order to check the consistency of the clients' answers.


Design the form in a manner that is systematic and logical; put yourself in the position of the respondent. By utilizing a common answer scale of one to ten, your responders feel immediately comfortable; this familiar scale is something they have used a number of times in the past.

For any survey or feedback form, give ample room for additional comments and feedback. Whether or not their answers are used, people who respond appreciate the chance to communicate in a more comprehensive fashion.